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End Generational Trauma with Radical Empathy
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Hi  I am Khadijah and I am passionate about healing  generational trauma.  After 15 years of working in mental health and lifetime in a family of chaos impacted by all of the “isms”, I was pulled to my calling.  I want to help you create a strong legacy where you are seen heard and felt.  I offer tools of radical empathy to  confront and overcome the trauma that threatens your legacy. You deserve to show up fully to your relationships purpose and yourself, as a generational trauma breaker. 

Start your journey with my new book REAL Radical Empathic Acceptance of Life; How to Live and Serve Abundantly

Facts will  not change hearts, changing hearts and lives require radical empathy

Generational Trauma is comprised of disturbed patterns of relationships, repetitions of abuse or maltreatment, reenactment of unresolved attachment. This trauma may be experienced intergenerationally despite a direct exposure.  Symptoms of generational trauma may include depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, substance abuse and violence

Generational Trauma Breaker-Yes You! Yes Now!

– It’s time to give yourself permission to live and create a new narrative for your life.  Your healing will have generational impact. We will embrace REAL healing. REAL is an acronym for radical, empathic acceptance of life. You will replace distress overwhelm and suffering with a new narrative of abundance.  The REAL approach implements healthy and restorative practices  necessary for your healing journey. 


” I trust her creative approach to solving probems. You know she is authentic, employing her background in mental health, prevention, and wellness to practical needs of all walks of life.””

Latika Lee – Administrator


Consulting Services

Radical Empathic Acceptance of Life speaks to the lost, burnout, and the unhealed who are called to a purpose. REAL inspires us to attract a life of deep meaningful relationships, compassionate work, and mindful self- awareness. Khadijah challenges us to explore our own unhealed parts and offers strategies to live and serve abundantly.  

Attract a life of deep and meaningful relationships, compassionate work and mindful self awareness.

REAL Life Intro Session

  • Complete the REAL assessment (prior to session) to enable us to identify generational trauma, maladaptive patterns
  • Create new affirmations with radical empathy to enhance relationship

REAL Life Deep Dive Session

  • Comprehensive review the REAL assessment
  • Strategies on how to attract a life of deep and meaningful relationships
  • Process the toxic patterns of  generational trauma 
  • Create a holistic self care plan ,using radical empathy  to practice affirmations and mindful practices 

REAL Life Support

  • Ongoing support and accountability
  • Guidance on your healing journey
  • Strengthening your abundant legacy of purpose, relationship, and family

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