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Transform your relationships, Purpose and self-care through radical empathic

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Radical Empathic acceptance of life; How to Live and Serve Abundantly
Releases Summer 2020

R.E.A.L Life Strategist

 Consulting Services

Radical Empathic Acceptance of Life speaks to the lost, burnout, and the unhealed who are called to a purpose. REAL inspires us to attract a life of deep meaningful relationships, compassionate work, and mindful self- awareness. Khadijah challenges those in the field of help to explore their own unhealed parts and offers strategies to live and serve abundantly.

REAL Session /Deep Dive

Deep Dive into the area(s) of your life that need radical change. This is where it get R.E.A.L. Create a customized support plan implementing radical, empathic, acceptance of life.

REAL Session Intro

Introductory consultation around major life stressors and disconnection. Creating your customized plan incorporating 3 steps of the R.E.A.L (Radical, Empathic, Acceptance of Life) teachings;
Confession, Surrender, and Awareness.

REAL Support Sessions

Change is not easy! You will need support. accountability, and guidance while you transition to a life and work of abundance. 


” I trust her creative approach to solving probems. You know she is authentic, employing her background in mental health, prevention, and wellness to practical needs of all walks of life.”

Latika Lee- Administrator

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