My Journey

I am Khadijah, a REAL Life Strategist offering  support, strategies and tools to assist people experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout.

After 15 years of  working as a licensed therapist in the field of mental health, I realized people needed more outside of therapy.  Timing was part of the problem, people came to me with their lives were filled with turmoil.  They were already overworked, unhealthy and disconnected from themselves.  It became my passion teaching about the impact of trauma and chronic stress on our mind, body, and spirit

My passion is deeply personal . . .

I was born and raised in Harlem, NY in a family full of chaos.  Social workers were a part of our lives for as long as I could remember.  As a child I witnessed the chaos of trauma, domestic violence and mental illness.  

In my 20’s I struggled as a single mom  trying to break my generational trauma and poverty.  I was a great clinician setting out goals with my clients and trying my hardest to ‘help people’.  Simultaneously, I was overwhelmed with depression, panic, and anxiety from all of my  unhealed places I wanted a way to live and serve in a way that fulfilled myself and others..

A pivotal moment came when I faced divorce.

This began my journey to get REAL!

I embraced the principles of radical empathic acceptance as my new way of life.  I was going to radically question parts of myself that I have ignored. I began embracing empathy both for myself and others. I developed a sense of awareness and mindfulness that allowed me to accept all that life had to offer. In May 2020, I wrote and published the book REAL; How to Live and Serve Abundantly.  REAL is a call to action for those looking to live and serve in their purpose abundantly





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