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Khadijah Tishan Washington is on a mission to heal generational trauma .

She  spent over 10 years serving as a licensed mental health provider and strongly  identifies as a helper and healer.  Since childhood, she was sensitive to the emotional needs of others.

Khadijah  was born into chaos, experienced poverty, witnessed domestic violence, mental illness and trauma.  She was determined to figure out how her family  and even the generational patterns that are passed on.

Even after therapy, education and clinical experience she found herself on a journey  of self healing.

In the lowest point of her life, marriage falling apart, underemployed, broke and burnout a shift occurred.

 This crisis created opportunity and everything changed.  She wanted to be REAL!  Khadijah committed to breakout of the generational trauma, broken relationships, poverty, and mental illness.  She began  heal, grow and help others.

In May 2020 she published REAL Radical Empathic Acceptance of Live; How to Live and Serve Abundantly. REAL is our wake up call to live a life of surrender in the awareness of our purpose.  I became committed to transforming  others  into generational trauma breakers and  focusing to most essential tool of radical empathy.   Khadijah is on a mission to help others use radical empathy to change hearts and lives.

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Khadijah  Tishan Washington brings energy and passion to her mission of  generational trauma breaking. She has a gift for engaging in challenging conversations with compassion and humor.  Khadijah shows up with her whole self, sharing her powerful narrative of childhood and extensive work in mental health and racial justice. She is purposed to ensure that every human is seen and heard.

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Richmond Authors Book Fest

August  8, 2020- Richmond VA Launch Entertainment Park

Recent Media Coverage

Episode 37: Healing Generational Trauma with Khadijah Tishan Washington

by Kelly Travis | My very special guest today is licensed therapist, social worker, and author of REAL: Radical, Empathic Acceptance of Life, Khadijah Tishan Washington. Khadijah is a beautiful spark of contagious energy whose story of struggle and triumph renders her uniquely qualified to help people walk through their past and move through it in a safe and healthy way. She is a generational trauma specialist who has turned her hard life experiences into making a positive impact upon the lives of others, focusing on their self-care and healing.

Episode 52 – Generational Trauma and Racism with Khadijah Washington

by whytli | Khadijah Tishan Washington is a licensed therapist, social worker, and newly-published author. Her memoir, REAL: Radical, Empathetic, Acceptance of Life released the same week that news of George Floyd's death began circulating and in her words, this 'racial pandemic' began. In this episode, we discuss the layers to her story as a generational trauma breaker. We touch on the topics of race, claiming colorblindness, behind the scenes of a social worker, mental health, and more. Tune in to hear more of her wisdom and truth!

In this fourth episode of the new series, “Spiritual Shadow Boxing”, meet your conversationalists Kellie Walsh, Fereshta Ramsey, and Kelly Campbell — with special guest, Khadijah Tishan Washington, MSW, LCSW and author of R•E•A•L Radical Empathic Acceptance of Life: How to Live and Serve Abundantly. Our continued exploration (Part 2) of structural racism in America serves as a model for having difficult, uncomfortable discussions about this topic. Khadijah shares more on generational trauma as a black woman, mother and daughter, as well as her experiences with police, within in corporate America, and within the healthcare system.